Overview deposit requirement

For more information, please click on the "D" (= deposit requirement with settlement by ZKVS). The deposit requirement applies in the following cantons and sectors:

AG image/svg+xml AR image/svg+xml AI image/svg+xml BL image/svg+xml BS image/svg+xml BE image/svg+xml FR GE image/svg+xml GL image/svg+xml GR image/svg+xml JU image/svg+xml LU NE NW image/svg+xml OW image/svg+xml SG image/svg+xml SH image/svg+xml SZ image/svg+xml SO TI TG image/svg+xml UR image/svg+xml VD image/svg+xml VS image/svg+xml ZH ZG
Out-fitting industry of buildings BL / BS / SO
Out-fitting industry of buildings BS
Out-fitting industry of buildings in Western Switzerland
Ceilings and interior work
Electrical installation
Industry for building envelopes
Industry for building technology
Timber construction
Industry for isolation works
Industry of painting
Metal industry
Parquet and floor layers
Industry for plate-laying and stove-constructing
Natural stone industry