Here you will find the most frequently asked questions with the corresponding answers regarding the deposit:

The amount of the deposit depends on the provisions of the collective labour agreement applicable to the industry in question. For Swiss companies, they must generally pay the maximum amount of the deposit; for foreign companies, the contract value in Switzerland plays a role.

The relevant order value corresponds to the respective cumulative order value of the service (total order value) which the foreign posting company provides in Switzerland in total within a calendar year. The total order value includes both the value of the goods to be processed and the value of the work to be performed.

The deposit secures any claims of the joint commission against the company arising from a breach of the collective labour agreement. A collective labour agreement can be breached by both Swiss and foreign companies, which is why all companies subject to a collective labour agreement are obliged to pay a deposit.

In Switzerland, this obligation applies both to members of the professional association concluding the agreement and to all employers who are not members of the association but who are subject to the CLA in accordance with the declaration of general applicability.

Companies/employers domiciled in Switzerland that fall under the respective generally binding CLA scope of their industry (see overview deposit requirement).

Secondment companies/employers domiciled abroad that send employees to Switzerland to provide services and fall under the respective generally binding CLA scope of the corresponding sector (see overview deposit requirement).

The security deposit serves as security for the joint commission from any violations of the collective labour agreement by the company. A deposit is a liability substrate that is reserved exclusively for the benefit of the joint commission, is located in Switzerland and is subject to Swiss law.

The Zentrale Kautions-Verwaltungsstelle Schweiz (ZKVS) is a service division of AMS Arbeitsmarkt-Services AG in Pratteln. The main tasks of ZKVS include the operational implementation of the CLA deposit obligation throughout Switzerland, i.e. calling in, managing and reversing deposits. This ensures uniform implementation and management throughout Switzerland.